Learning anatomy is a great thing. It is the base of medicine and plays the role of foundation for people studying medicine and physiology. If you make the foundation strong, the concept of studies will last long and forever. Most of students consider anatomy as one of tough subjects as it have minor details which make it even more difficult. But in case if you make your basic strong, it will become easy to learn.


The normal cold is a viral irresistible infection that influences the upper respiratory system. It is amongst the well-known sickness among people. Most colds result from Covid or rhinoviruses. The Covid that causes a cold is not quite the same as SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. Coronavirus and a cold are different sicknesses. Many sorts of infections can cause a cold, and the human body can never develop protection against them all. This is the reason colds are so normal and frequently return. Colds spread through droplets.

Flu variation in people of different ages

Unlike some other infections, flu does not take into account age and can spread in people of all ages. However, the underlying process of laying out and the tendency to cause severe infections vary with respect to age. A study published by Clinical Infectious Diseases under Oxford Academy reveals the percentage of annual attendees of flu in the United States. From 3% to as high as 11% of people are victims of the flu in each season and the figure averages out to rest at 8% cases yearly.


Flu or influenza is a type of disease that can cause sudden illness to a person. It is a type of virus that can lead to mild to severe illness. Flu/Influenza is often confused with cold, But in reality, these both are way too distinct. Flu can come suddenly while cold is not a sudden attack.

Variation Of Body Temperature in People

Whenever we come across the word ‘temperature’ we only think about hotness or some of us may think towards coldness too. In reality, the temperature is a vast field to comment. In terms of dictionary meanings, it is simply the degree of hotness or coldness of a body. This way, Temperature may vary from body to body. These bodies can be any, Human, Metallic, Plastic.


Sleeping difficulties are one of the growing issues among humans of our era. There are numerous purposes behind sleeping difficulties: work, tasks, children, stress, parties or late-night TV are only a few. Research has shown that sleeping difficulties negatively affects us both mentally and physically. While we sleep, our bodies emit chemicals that influence our mind-set, energy, and memory. Furthermore, research has shown that constant absence of sleep can cause hypertension and add to issues with diabetes.


Bone marrow is a sponge-like substance often found in the center of bones in the human body. It is one of the important parts of human bones which caters to produce different types of cells in the human body. The bone marrow is responsible to produce bone marrow stem cells which further help in the production of different blood cells. Red blood cells, White blood cells and platelets are most important among the blood cells produced due to the presence of bone marrow in human body.

Diet and Nutrition, Vast impact on health

Diet and nutrition are some of the most important factors that influence our health. Unfortunately it has been the most neglected by everyone because there is not much focus regarding the awareness of benefits we can avail by taking Balance diet. Normal body functioning up to the standards of physiology want one to intake proper diet and nutrition. One should must keeping a check on body fulfilled values


Blood Pressure is simply the measure of resistance and the pumping of blood from your heart to the arteries following to the other parts of body. A controlled BP level for the youngsters is generally considered to be 119/70 for men, however 110/68 is generally considered normal for women. Now, considering these ranges if a person who is young and having low blood pressure frequently, this suffering is known as hypotension while the person suffering from high blood pressure is known as Hypertension.

Why you need sunshine in your life

Sunlight is imperative for the sustenance of almost every living being on our planet. This includes plants, animals, and even fungi!. But most importantly, sunlight is vital for us human beings because it plays a crucial role in the many key functionalities of our body. This article walks you through a few less commonly known reasons as to why sunshine is important for us.


The Covid-19 virus emerged in early 2020, and before the world would know it, it would cause the world to come to a standstill. Borders closed, flights canceled, roads deserted. A microscopic particle would virtually cease the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Fast forward one year and, although things have substantially improved, we aren’t totally in the clear yet. We must still be vigilant. We must take precautions still. Keep our distances, wear a mask, and most importantly, get vaccinated. Here are a few reasons why you should get a vaccine ASAP.

Daily nutritional supplements that improve heart health

Every now and then there is a new advertisement for nutritional supplements or multivitamin pills that claim they can significantly improve your health provided they are taken regularly. And while it is not advised to start any sort of medicine without the recommendation or approval of your doctor, you should still know what vitamins and minerals are beneficial, even if you want to increase their amount through your diet.


High blood pressure or hypertension is a typical condition where the drawn out power of the blood against your arteries is sufficiently high that it might effect your health negatively, like heart illness. Blood pressure is calculated both by the measure of blood your heart pumps and the measure of resistance from blood stream in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the smaller your arteries, the higher will be your blood pressure.

Why maintaining normal blood pressure is important

We know that both high and low blood pressure damage our bodies. While high blood pressure can cause serious damages to your body, low blood pressure is a nuisance too. Low BP causes fatigue and weakness, headaches, and even causes dizziness. Even though you feel alright, your blood pressure may still not be in the normal range. In fact, most people find out they have had high blood pressure (hypertension) for a while after they have a mild heart attack or a stroke.


If you have high blood pressure, you may be worried over taking medicines to cut your numbers down. Your way of living plays a significant part in treating your hypertension. If you effectively control your BP with a healthy way of life, you may keep away from the requirement for medicine. So, you should follow the steps below if you want to reduce your BP