Fever is your body’s common reaction to disease or injury. It forces your body to activate and deliver more white blood cells and antibodies to battle diseases.
High or low body temperature is common among human beings, therefore you should keep a check on your body temperature more often. Our body temperature checker app is the best when it comes to tracking and keeping a record of your body temperature.


Body temperature checker provides you with the following amazing features:

  • The user can keep a record of their body temperature in Kelvin or Centigrade according to their liking.
  • You can also keep a track and record of your pulse pressure through our app.
  • An option to insert your weight has also been given in the app.
  • The users can scan their body temperature and beats/min just by scanning their thumb on their phone screens through our app.
  • Our app helps the user to keep a record of their temperature through four different ranges. Namely:
  • Hypothermia, this denotes the temperature from 96-97.6°F/36-36.8°C.
  • Normal, this denotes the temperature from 97.7-99.5°F/36.9-37.7°C.
  • Fever, this denotes the temp from 99.6-100.9°F/37.8-38.5°C.
  • Hyperpyrexia, this denotes from 101-104.9°F/38.6-40.9°C.
  • You can keep a record of your temperature on daily, monthly and weekly basis through this app.
  • Comprehensive charts and graphs are available for the user to get a detailed analysis of their body temperature.
  • The users can setup reminders related to their health by just clicking on the reminders option.
  • Data backup is provided by our app, hence the user can backup his/her data to the google drive whenever they want.
  • The users can setup dark/light theme and the size of fonts as per their liking.
  • The data stored in the app can be sent to your doctor and can also be shared with your family members through image or text.

This app doesn’t measure body temperature, but it serves as a tool to record and analyze your body temperature through different intervals of time.

We are always making changes and improvements to provide you with best possible service. So, remember to keep your updates on.