Food drugs interaction, things that need more acknowledgment
Recent published research shows that grapefruit and grapefruit juice can react adversely with over 40 prescription medications. Reaction to the combination can be toxic to the kidneys, cause GI bleeding, respiratory failure and even sudden death for people with comprised immune systems.

Food drugs interaction, things that need more acknowledgment

What are drugs?

A drug is a substance that alter the normal physiology of body.

-Impact drug can create!

The drug is any substance that will either shift your physiology to function normal Or it can also shift the physiology towards disturb functioning.

-How a drug become medicine?

Any drug that will bring a change to your body physiology positively. We can describe Medicine as a drug  that have therapeutic impact and make physiology work like normal.

-How a drug become toxin?

A drug become toxin when we are taking It and it switch the body physiology towards dysfunction and cause a negative impact on normal body physiology and could be lethal.

Things to know about drugs!

  • Concentration of drug;

– If you’re taking a drug in less concentration than required, drug will not be able to deliver that therapeutic effect,

– If you’re taking the drug in more than the required concentrations, it can cause toxic effect,

  • Bioavailability of drug,
  • Route of drug administration,
  • Shelf life of drug,
  • Directions of use.

What do you know about Food drug interactions?

Whenever we take medicine we must need to know those factors which can turn any therapeutic drug into a lethal one. We consider many things before Taking any drug. Those factors could be Age, weight, gender, symptoms, diagnostic tests, dose, effect of other medications, diet and Food drug interactions.

Nature of drug is also important. Some drugs deliver the duty well in basic environment and some are acidic. We need to take Some drugs with empty stomach and some With full stomach. Nature of drug always correlate with food drug interactions.

Similarly what are we taking in diet is equally applicable for maximum effect. When the effects of administered drug correlate with the food intake, we called it food drug interactions.

Effect of food on drugs!

The food you have taken can also initiate the drug mechanism and can restrict it too from absorbing in blood. This will lead to the development of unwanted side effects. The condition could get worst and can also increase the severity of situation. Drug can also alter the food break down processes of body. All these conditions are studied under the category of Food drug interactions.

Aspirin and Green vegetables;

Green leafy vegetables are abundant in vitamin K. This vitamin is most essential factor for blood clotting. If you keep taking aspirin for thinning the blood, along with green vegetables, aspire will not deliver the desired effects. Vitamin K of vegetables will keep decreasing the effect of aspirin drug.

Grapefruit and statins;

If you’re taking statins that are commonly known as cholesterol lowering drugs, they  Advised to take I less amount for less absorption. If you take grapefruit juice in your diet along with statins, the amount of drug absorption will be greater than required. This will lead to greater side effects and life risks.

Similarly, patients with high blood pressure are Treated with calcium channel blockers drugs. If you take Grapefruit juice along with these drugs, the manners of breaking down of these drugs will change. This will lead to increase in level of drug in blood and the side effects will occur.

Antibiotics and Dairy products!

If any microbial agent attack and invade your immune system and your doctor prescribed you antibiotics, then he will also ask you to make some changes in your daily meal. Try to make sure that you must not taking any dairy products along with antibiotics. Dairy products include yogurt, cheese, milk and all can reduce the absorption of antibiotics. You must need to take these products before or after hours of medicine, so they won’t interact.

Also if you’re alcoholic then you must know that Alcohol affects insulin  and Moderate pain reliever drugs

All these things tell us about Food drug interactions and it’s importance, how these food drug interactions work, and can affect our health.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is food drug interactions?

Food drug interactions is the effect of drug and food on each other when someone observing on daily basis.

Who can guide you about these interactions?

A pharmacist or nutritionist can guide you best about the impact of drug and food you taking.

Drug effect food or do the food effect drug?

Some drugs can decrease the food Break down process and resist energy production making the body lethargic. Some food increase or decrease the drug level and absorption in blood leading to side effects.

Why should we know about Food drug interactions?

We should know about food drug interactions and must follow the directions of use of any drugs because it can cause unwanted effects on body that could be severe enough to get lethal.

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