Learning anatomy is a great thing. It is the base of medicine and plays the role of foundation for people studying medicine and physiology. If you make the foundation strong, the concept of studies will last long and forever. Most of students consider anatomy as one of tough subjects as it have minor details which make it even more difficult. But in case if you make your basic strong, it will become easy to learn.

So Anatomy has its own basics too which make it a concept worth learning. These basics include:

  • Anatomical Terminology,

They are basically all the terms we use while studying the anatomy of the human body. It helps everyone learning the concepts of anatomy and explains everything in anatomical ways.

  • Anatomical planes,

Anatomical planes are those in which we intersect the human body while studying. They are imaginary lines at which inner structures of the body are at various levels. Terms used for planes are median, sagittal,  frontal, transverse, etc. Directional terms are also present in anatomy which explains the locations of body parts and their relation.

  • Movements of body,

When a body part makes a movement or changes organ position at a certain axis or plane. They include abduction, adduction, flexion, and extension, etc.

  • Body regions

The division and classification of the human body in regions differently like lower body, upper body, head, neck, and many more.

  • Systems of organs

The organ systems develop When body organs collectively start functioning together. Together they make sure to keep the body’s physiological condition perfect.

The body systems include the circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, and many more.

How can you explain Anatomy?

Anatomy is the branch of biology in which we study and identification of the structures present on body of living things. It is a Basic branch of medicinal study.

“Anatomy” is derived from the Greek words “ana” which means “up,” and “tome” means “dissecting.” So the learning of anatomy has involved the dissection of organisms.

Anatomy can be divided into three major areas:

  • Firstly Human anatomy:

The study of the structure of the human body. It plays important role in the practice of medicine.

  • Secondly Zootomy which is animal anatomy

Study of the structure of the animal body. It plays important role in zoological studies.

  • Thirdly Phytotomy which is plant anatomy

Study of the structure of plant body. It plays important role in botanical studies.

Gross anatomy

 Gross anatomy covers the study of those structures of living body that are visible to eyes. Basically  Structures that can seen by naked eye and people don’t need any microscope to observe them. We study  gross anatomy incase when we need data of organs and its structures. We can also use gross anatomy to collect information about organ systems. Dissection is a part of gross anatomy.

Endoscopy is when we talk about the use in the diagnosis of any illness. Endoscopy is done by doctors or scientists in which they insert a tube, thin and long. As It has a camera in end placed in the body part for observation. It usually enters in the body through the mouth or rectum. Moreover, Techniques other than Endoscopy use in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases are:

  • MRI scans,
  • CT scans, 
  • PET scans,
  • X-rays, 
  • ultrasounds,
  • and other types.

In conclusion If you are learning anatomy then you are getting immense knowledge about the body and structure of living organisms. You can learn everything about muscle skeleton interactions and functions.

Anatomy plays an important role in the diagnosis in treatment of all diseases and disorders. Anatomy is challenging and interesting once you make your basic strong.

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What are anatomical terminologies?

Special terms we used as alternatives for everything regarding living organisms while studying anatomy.

What are anatomical planes?

Planes in which we intersect the body of living organisms while studying anatomy.

What are basic fundamentals of anatomy?

Basic fundamentals of anatomy are
• Organ system
• Body movements
• Anatomical planes
• Anatomical terminologies
• Regions of the body

What are major areas of anatomy?

Zootomy, phytotomy, gross anatomy, and human anatomy are major areas of anatomy.

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