Featured Projects

Our team of application developers and software engineers have built the following Health care applications for our users.

Our blood pressure tracker allows patients to record their blood pressures, save BP data over time, set reminders for blood pressure readings, and it has a diagnostic algorithm that monitors the trends in personal BP data via statistics and charts.
You can also export or import data in CSV format for accessibility or integration with spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel. In addition, you can also send reports in PDF to your doctor. The BP tracker also allows multiple profiles which makes it ideal for caregivers to organize their records.

Flu Checker allows patients to record the progression of their symptoms overtime. It also has reminders for routine checking of body temperature and saves the data so the changes in temperature can be observed.
This is also useful for caregivers, especially since these reports can be sent to the doctor for examination.

Our Anatomy Guide book is useful for medical students to learn about the anatomy of the human body.