Variation Of Body Temperature in People

Variation Of Body Temperature in People


Whenever we come across the word ‘temperature’ we only think about hotness or some of us may think towards coldness too.

In reality, the temperature is a vast field to comment. In terms of dictionary meanings, it is simply the degree of hotness or coldness of a body.

This way, Temperature may vary from body to body. These bodies can be any, Human, Metallic, Plastic.

Today, we talk about the human body temperature in particular.

For the human body, the meaning does not change but, the normal temperatures do vary. The temperature of a human body can be measured using thermometers.

In general, we consider 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6-degree Fahrenheit temperature to be normal for human body and 38 degrees Celsius or 100.4-degree Fahrenheit temperature to be unhealthy.

Furthermore, let us discuss relevant things which leads to first discuss,


We always hear the normal temperature numbers but, the human body varies a lot. This can be seen by measuring temperature using thermometers.

There are number of factors which can participate in the variation of body temperature.


Most of the people have varying temperature but aged people have a high tendency of varying temperature. Studies show that people of age 65(often) have unstable temperature.

The age factor makes people have unstable temperature likewise, Children due to having a strong metabolism have normal temperatures but on the contrary people with age 65 or above have weak metabolism which makes them have unstable or unhealthy temperature.


Over the course of the day, Body has a lot of fluctuation in temperature. It is usually low in the early morning while it increases as time passes.

This fluctuation is dependent on the metabolism too. Metabolism is low/weak while a person is asleep while it is at good pace in the daytime when people are awake.


The temperature of the body rises in response to stress. The increase in temperature is an adaptive response of the body to perceived threats. Hormones which are operating in the body’s fight-or-flight response, which stimulates an increased heat production in the liver, in addition to other, more adaptive to changes. The liver is one of the world’s largest and most metabolically active organ in the body, and it has a significant effect on the temperature of the body.


Food’s intake can affect the rise and fall in temperature.

It is noticed through studies and observance that if you monitor your body temperature continuously before and after a meal, there will be a difference in temperature. Usually, the temperature falls but in rare cases it is seen that temperature rises after meals. It generally takes around 20-30 minutes after the meal for the temperature to rise or fall.


Smoking is seen to rise body temperature instantly. It can make an abrupt change in your body temperature even if a smoker smokes less or many cigarettes.

On the other part, the intake of drugs whether it be antibiotics, their intake can cause rise and fall in temperature. It is not instantly but in general it does play with our body temperature. On the contrary to pharmaceutical drugs, the usage of cocaine or any intoxicating drug can cause the fluctuation of body temperature. Moreover, the temperature change due to drugs is much harmful for the body and sometimes, Hard to handle.


It is very surprising yet the truth that measuring equipment used to measure temperature create a lot of variation and confusion to the body temperature. Normal thermometers used have a good accuracy which are generally, Mercury filled. But, their time of measuring makes them non worthy to use. It takes 2-3 minutes for a normal thermometer to measure temperature while on the other view, Digital thermometer guns or other stuff which are digital and using infrared technology can measure body temperature within the glimpse of an eye.

This equipment has a certain range of errors and they may vary a lot. This way, the thermometers used by professionals are on the one side, but when an ordinary person uses multiple thermometers they get confused, and hence they have to refer to professionals for this small thing. It could be said that the temperature of the body can be seen varying with the use of distinct measuring gears.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much variation in body temperature is normal?

Normal body temperature is said to be around 37 degrees Celsius but general variation of 0.5 degrees Celsius is common.

What time of the day body temperature is the highest?

The body temperature usually remains normal throughout the day, but it can for few reasons mentioned in the article but usually, the body temperature is highest in the evening also dependent upon the weather conditions.

Is body temperature high at night?

Fluctuating body temperature at the night is very common among adults, so it can be firmly said that yes, Body temperature can increase at night.

How much time after waking up should we measure body temperature?

Body temperature Is generally lower in the morning but, Waiting for 15-20 minutes after waking up can help you get precise and exact body temperature measurement.

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